Approaches to Advancing into Administration (Ep 33)

Are you looking to move into administration at some point? Do you know what it takes? Fortunately, we have lots of advice for you with our guest Dr. Gregory Moncada. 

Dr. Moncada is the Head of School for the Harare International School (HIS) in Zimbabwe and was previously the founding director of the Qatar Academy for Science and Technology (QAST), the Qatar Foundations’ new Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) school. Prior to his leading role at HIS and QAST, Dr. Moncada started new schools and programs throughout his career, including a progressive middle school based on the “This We Believe’ model and district-wide STEM programs in Elementary, Middle, and High School settings.   Dr. Moncada specializes in developing student-centered learning models, progressive learning models, and multiverse organizational structures between schools and organizations. With more than 30 years of experience, Greg has held teaching and leadership positions in International schools in Spain, Austria, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa, as well as in Seattle, Washington, and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Greg holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Minnesota, an MA in Leadership from Lehigh University, PA, and an MA in Science Education from Louisiana State University.

Our guiding question was, “What is involved in moving from a teaching to an administrative position?”

Greg outlines how to be intentional in your efforts by putting yourself in positions that grow your leadership skills. Greg highlights specific milestones to aim for with your efforts.

Once you gain leadership skills and experience, the next step is to recruit for positions. Again, Greg offers practical advice, including how to prepare for interviews. Greg traces the interviewing timeline, highlighting some red flags to be wary of. He covers what happens when the offer comes in and shares advice about when you might need to say “no” to a position. 

Don’t forget to also listen to our other interview with Greg, in which he offers advice and firsthand experience around recruiting to become a head of school. 

This episode was recorded on July 11, 2023.

Topic | Transitions

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