Meet Our "EGGheads Advisory Board" Members!

Our Advisory Board (aka The EGGheads) is our sounding board for podcast cover art/website/logo design and content questions.

They also make suggestions of topics we could address and guests we could interview. We appreciate them!

If you would like to join The EGGheads, send us an email message at


A Few More Shout Outs!

We at Educators Going Global would also like to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the following people for their very-much-appreciated contributions:

Kyle Forgeron

Kyle, a web developer par excellence, volunteered to be the architect of this website. He has done an incredible job, making it responsive, searchable and lightning fast! We so appreciate all the many, many hours Kyle has put into this work. Thank you, Kyle!

Chris Singlemann

Chris, a talented web designer, voluntarily designed the beautiful site you see before you. Chris drew up the plans for the site so that Kyle could make it look amazing. Thank you, Chris!

Daryn Forgeron

Daryn, a Marketing Director, voluntarily went over our site plans and weighed in on content as well as on layout decisions. Her word-smithing skills are phenomenal and her advice is always helpful. Thank you, Daryn!

Sam Carpenter

Sam, also a marketing aficionado, helped us to generate ideas for how and where to market our information hub. He has also give us valuable input on our podcast. Thank you, Sam!

Jeff Utecht

Jeff is an educational consultant, speaker and podcaster. He also was previously an international educator working as a technology integrator in several schools. His mission in life is to prepare students for their future, not our past. 

Jeff worked with us from the start to share his technical expertise to help us decide which platforms, software, and other tools would best meet our needs to develop our website and podcast. Jeff can be found at Shifting Schools and on his professional website.