Believe it - It's a Teachers' Market! A Conversation with LLoyd FFrench of Teach Away (Ep 28)

If you are like most people , you probably think about what the applicant needs to do to shine for the recruiters. In this episode, we flip that paradigm on its head, giving applicants agency and putting them squarely in the driver’s seat as they actively engage with prospective schools to see how the schools measure up! Our guest, Lloyd Ffrench, works for Teach Away in the position of advising schools on how they can better present themselves to applicants in a very competitive landscape with so many schools competing for new staff. Lloyd compares the limited number of applicants with the vastly growing number of international schools to describe the recruiting scene as a “teachers' market.” 

Lloyd has over 12 years of experience in International Education, having facilitated recruitment pathways for international students and teachers worldwide to various institutions. 

As a former international student himself in the late 90s/early 00s in the UAE, Lloyd went on to embody the nomad lifestyle by living and working in Brazil, Qatar, China & parts of the Caribbean. 

Drawing on his deep knowledge of the International Education landscape, Lloyd presented many criteria for critically viewing schools from the perspective of a potential employee. 

We ran short of time to talk, so we did not talk about an interesting angle in how international educators can reflect on where they are in their careers via what Lloyd calls their "personas." We think it is worth sharing this information here so that our listeners will know the option of taking this angle when recruiting.

Here are the personas for your review; note that this list is not exhaustive and that it is possible for one person to represent more than one persona: 

  • Community/Culture Creator

  • Travel connoisseur 

  • Financial Saver

  • Roots Planter 

  • Career Builder

See the blog post on our website for more information on this concept.

Our guiding for the episode question was, “What attributes should an international school exhibit in order to stand out for applicants?” 

This episode was recorded on April 24, 2023.

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