9. Finding the Right Fit: An Interview With Greg Lemoine, author

In this episode, we had a great time interviewing Greg Lemoine, an international teaching veteran of 20 years who currently lives in the Middle East. Greg is a podcast host and the author of the book: Finding the Right Fit: Your Professional Guide for International Educator Recruiting Fairs and Amazing Stories of a Teacher Living Overseas. Greg is an engaging storyteller and he loves to laugh!

The guiding question for this episode is “What factors go into finding the right fit for yourself in terms of an international school”?

We unpacked the term “finding the right fit” when recruiting for international school jobs. Greg shared stories about the recruiting process, including tips for attending recruiting fairs. We also learned about the origins of the International Teacher podcast. 

The show was recorded on October 20, 2022

Greg’s Contact Information: The International Teacher podcast is available on all podcasting platforms. Contact Greg and his podcasting partners at internationalteacherpodcast@gmail.com.

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