First International Teaching Contract Signed; Ready to Launch! Meet Tonya Busse.

We spoke with first-time international educator Tonya Busse, who shares her recent recruiting experience. We learn how a couple of big snowstorms opened the door for Tonya to learn about – and then act on her learning about – international education. We cover Tonya’s recruiting journey through onboarding and connecting to the teacher she will replace at her new school. 

Tonya is a teacher, runner, adventurer, and soon-to-be international educator in Kingston, Jamaica. Originally from Prince of Wales, Alaska, she is excited to return to island life after five years of teaching in beautiful (but landlocked) Colorado. Tonya has spent many summers exploring different countries but is finally taking the leap to live her travels full-time. Adventures she has enjoyed in the past include commercial fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska, ultramarathons in Colorado, and camping in East Africa. Our guiding question was, “What was your recruiting experience like?”

This episode was recorded on May 31, 2023.

Contact Information: Instagram @tonya_busse

Categories: Recruiting 

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