From Boarding School Teacher to Admissions Director to Life Coach: The Many Hats of Mona Stuart. (Ep 36)

We continue to share with you what it means to be an international educator. We speak to the dispositions and character strengths many engage to be outstanding educators and remarkable human beings. Our guest for this episode exemplifies such character while demonstrating how flexibility and a growth mindset led her to various leadership roles in schools and communities. 

Our guest is Mona Stuart, who speaks to the many roles she has filled over her career -- and beyond!    

Mona has gladly focused her life on learning and schools, with over 20 years of her educational career in international boarding and day schools. She served as an English teacher, dorm head, communications director, admissions director, current educational consultant, transition coach, and board member/advisor. As a seasoned educator who has lived on four continents, she understands the story of schools, transition, and change from personal as well as from institutional perspectives. One of her greatest joys is valuing, hearing, and helping parents, teachers, and colleagues make sense of complex educational opportunities and learning approaches in connected ways. She has three grown TCK children and has recently moved from Ethiopia back to North America with her husband, Tim, who now works for the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Overseas Schools. 

We had four guiding questions for this episode! Mona covered the topics of boarding schools, transitions, admissions, and pivoting from a career as an international educator. 

Mona spoke to …

  • The immersive nature of teaching at a boarding school. 

  • The role of the educator as a mentor and de-facto parent. 

  • Some of the many reasons why students and parents choose boarding schools. 

  • The work of Doug Ota and Safe Passages Across Networks (SPAN).

  • The process of transitioning between schools. 

  • The effects of transitions on students. 

  • Change can be quick; transitions can be long. 

  • Attachment and Identity in the transition process. 

  • What the admissions process can look like. 

  • When making big pivots, it is helpful to give oneself time to process the transition. 

This episode was recorded on August 29, 2023. 

Mona’s Contact Information: | Instagram: mmstuart | LinkedIn

Resources Mentioned in the Episode:

Doug Ota’s book, Safe Passage, and SPAN

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