Happy EGG-a-versary to Us! & a Walkthrough of our Website (Ep 40)

Over a year and a half ago, Audrey envisioned a website and podcast to help educators “go global”. She asked David to join her, and the work began – to provide written and audio content for our followers. Our first podcast episode went live in December of 2022, which makes this our first anniversary. Let’s celebrate our podcast guests and the growth of our information hub!

Have you visited the Educators Going Global Information Hub website? It is a big part of our outreach connecting to our mission to spread the word about international education and to support those new to – and veterans of – international education. 

In this episode, we walk through the sections of the info hub while highlighting the search feature. We also spend time reflecting on our “lessons learned” from conversations with our guests. And have you ever wondered what it is like being a podcaster? We provide some behind-the-scenes information to partially answer this question. :)

What will the second year for the information hub and podcast look like? Take a listen to learn what some of our plans are!

This episode was recorded on November 15, 2023.

Categories: Trends

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