Leading Leadership Searches for Search: A Conversation with Dr. Brent Mutsch

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Have you ever considered all that goes into the search for a new Head of School? We were excited for this opportunity to learn more about this very important aspect of recruiting for international schools. Dr. Brent Mutsch joined us to outline the Head of School/Director/Superintendent search process led by Search Associates.  Dr. Mutsch currently serves as a Senior Consultant at Search Associates, focusing on assisting international schools with Director/Head of School/Superintendent searches. Brent joined Search Associates in August of 2017 after having served as the Superintendent of the International Schools Group and Saudi Aramco Schools in Saudi Arabia, Singapore American School in Singapore, and the American School of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates over the course of his 23-year career in international education. Brent provided insights on:

  • His journey to become a Senior Consultant at Search specializing in leadership searches.

  • The timeline – from start to finish – of the typical Head of School search. 

  • The recruiting process from the applicant’s perspective. 

  • The recruiting process from the perspective of the school community. (e.g., the school board, the parents, the students, the teachers, and the admin team)

  • The finalizing of applicants and their visits to the school.  

  • Transition support for new Heads of School. 

  • The value-add for HoS candidates of having some form of international education experience. 

  • The future of leadership searches. 

Our guiding question was, “What does the process of a search for a Head of School as led by Search Associates look like?”

This episode was recorded on April 1, 2023.

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