Learn About Inclusive Education with SENIA Executive Director Lori Boll (Ep #24)

Imagine if we could all live in an inclusive world where every individual is supported, resources are accessible, potential is maximized and action is inspired. That is the vision of SENIA International.

Lori Boll joined us to share the latest on how SENIA International is expanding their outreach and offerings to help international educators better understand SENIA’s services while helping teachers to further expand their teacher toolkits to support the diverse learning needs of their students.  

Lori is the Executive Director of SENIA International, a non-profit organization that advocates for and supports individuals with disabilities. With a 25-year career in general and special education, Lori has honed her expertise by presenting at international teaching conferences and recognizing the critical need for quality professional development in this area, which SENIA provides for its members. Throughout her career, Lori has taught in diverse educational settings across the globe, including the USA, Saipan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, and Thailand.

Lori provided insights on

  • SENIA’s origin story and mission. 

  • Her personal story as an advocate and leader for inclusion.

  • Highlights and takeaways from the recent SENIA conference in South Africa.  

  • An unpacking of the terms Neurodiversity, Multi-Tiered System of Supports - MTSS, and Universal Design for Learning - UDL.  

  • The lesson that expanding one’s instruction to a broader range of learning needs benefits all learners in the classroom. 

  • Learning support teachers are partners to help integrate instructional strategies in collaboration with classroom teachers.  

  • More and more international schools are becoming increasingly  inclusive of all learners.

  • Several current trends — which SENIA supports through various program offerings.

  • Future plans for SENIA.

Our guiding question was, “What is SENIA and what are your future plans for the organization?”

Contact Information: SENIA International Website

This episode was recorded on March 27, 2023.

Categories: School Life 

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