Pivoting Out of International Education (Ep 34)

An integral aspect of international education involves transitions. We not only move between schools and countries, but we also find ourselves making moves within our schools with our jobs and roles while also going through the normal life transitions of experiencing the stages of life, possibly raising children, taking care of aging parents, and so on but doing so while living overseas. 

Transitions are so important that we made it one of the five categories in organizing information on our Educators Going Global website!

In this episode, we drill down on what it can look like to shift from being an international educator to taking on a new identity that doesn’t involve teaching. 

Our guiding question was, “how can we thoughtfully make the move from international education to the next phase of our life?” 

This episode was recorded on June 8, 2023.

Contact Information: educatorsgoingglobal@gmail.com | “educatorsgoingglobal” on Instagram, Linked In, and Facebook. 

Categories: Transitions

Resources Mentioned in the Episode: 

PERMAH Pivot Plan Blog Post

Doug Ota’s book Safe Passage

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