The Foundational Series of Podcasts Episodes

We created the foundational series of episodes for newcomers to International Education to help answer their questions as they begin their overseas teaching journey. Long-time nomadic educators can also benefit from the shows, especially if they need some catching up on recent changes. 

Here are just a few of the questions answered in the series: 

  • How did many international schools get their start?

  • What are the different types of schools? 

  • Who is the clientele? 

  • Who runs the schools? 

  • Who provides oversight?  

  • How do you apply to get jobs?

  • What is the inside scoop on what you want to look for and to look out for in schools? 

  • Who can help with recruiting?

  • What can you expect in the salary and benefits packages? 

  • What are some other perks?

  • What is it like being an international family with children? 

  • What can one expect with the transition to a new school and country? 

  • What are some of the benefits of living in an international school community? 

Type "Foundational" into our search tool or click the links below to listen to any or all of this helpful seven-part starter series of episodes.

Part 1 - The Nature of the Beast: What are International Schools?

Part 2 - More on the Nature of the Beast: What Are International Schools?

Part 3 - Cha-ching! The Bottom Line: Salary and Benefits

Part 4 - Really Thinking About all the Ramifications of Going Global

Part 5 - What's in it for Me? (Specific Benefits)

Part 6 - What else is in it for me? (More Benefits)

Part 7: The inside scoop on what you might want to look (out) for in a school 

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